The Molise Region continues to be rich in her gastronomical traditions. The region is gifted with mountains, rolling hills and the sea which allows its cuisine to specialize in a variety of creative and wonderful dishes including flavourful meats, a bounty of seasonal vegetables and fruits and the freshest seafood available.

The Adriatic coast offers many seafood specialities which are quite elaborate and flavorful. The most famous being seafood Brodetto followed closely by Stuffed Squid, Spaghetti with Plump, juicy Mussels and fresh Tomatoes, Makeral with Peppers and Risotto alla Marinara as well as other rice and fresh seafood creations.

The Abruzzo and Molise regions are proud to be a big part of Italy’s olive growth. The Hotel Strand purchases the best quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from local producers to e used in its Restaurant. Today the oil is still produced in the old tradition guaranteeing a wonderful aroma a unique flavor. In addition to the great variety of wonderful food these regions have to offer, there are exceptional locally produced wines to compliment any meal.

Most popular is the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo d.o.c. and Molise Rosso d.o.c. (known for its intense ruby red color, light tannin with a dry yet smooth robust body), a great accompaniment to meat. Also, the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo d.o.c. (pale yellow in color with a dry and delicate nose and smooth body) is excellent with the seafood for which our coast is so well known.


Brodetto alla vastese
Rombo al forno ripieno di verdurine
Linguine allo scoglio
Risotto gamberi e verdure
Sgombri e peperoni
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